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Guide to Jury Duty in Orange County


Did you know that a citizen's right to a trial by jury can be traced back to both the United States Constitution and the Texas Declaration of Independence? Although the right to a jury trial is considered a fundamental safeguard of each American's constitutional liberties, the concept of a jury trial is hardly new, dating back to medieval England.

Your jury summons puts you in the center of this most basic right of all Americans.  The United States and the State of Texas Constitutions guarantee a right to trial by jury for anyone accused of a crime, regardless of his or her race, religion, gender, national origin or economic status.  Any time the facts of a civil or criminal case are in dispute, the parties have a right to have their case heard by a jury of fair and impartial citizens who will make decisions without bias or prejudice.

To Have a Jury Trial, There Must Be a Jury

And to have a jury, citizens from all walks of life must be called upon to participate.  Because you have received a jury summons, you are now part of this important process.

In a sense, it is an adventure.  You have the opportunity to see the justice system in action, meet a wide range of people, and if you are chosen to serve on a jury, participate in one of this country's most fundamental processes.

Although your jury summons may disrupt your daily routine, we ask that you participate with an open mind, patience and an understanding of the essential role you have in our justice system.