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Qualifications of Appointment

  • To encourage voter registration, the registrar shall appoint as deputy registrar's persons who volunteer to serve.

  • Volunteer Deputy registrars serve for terms expiring December 31 of even-numbered years.

  • To be eligible for appointment as a volunteer deputy registrar, a person must be 18 years of age or older.

  • A registrar may not refuse to appoint as a volunteer deputy registrar a resident of the county served by the registrar .

Certificate of Appointment

  • A person desiring to serve as a volunteer deputy registrar must request appointment by the registrar in person or by mail.

  • A volunteer deputy shall present the certificate as identification to an applicant for registration, on request, when receiving the application for delivery to the registrar.

Delivery of Application to Registrar

  • A volunteer deputy registrar shall deliver in person, or by personal delivery through another designated volunteer deputy, to the registrar each completed voter registration application submitted to the deputy.

  • An application shall be delivered to the registrar not later the 5 p.m. of the fifth day after the date the application is submitted to the volunteer deputy registrar.

Termination of Appointment

A volunteer deputy registrar's term is terminated for the following reasons:

  • Expiration of the volunteer deputy's term of appointment.

  • Final conviction for failure to deliver a completed voter registration application to the registrar.  Your appointment may be terminated on a determination by the voter registrar if you failed adequately to review a voter registration application.

  • All election materials issued to a deputy registrar, including the certificate of appointment, receipt books, receipts, applications, and other forms in the volunteer deputy's possession must be returned or accounted for upon termination of appointment.