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Convenience Fees are charged by Certified Payments and are non-refundable:

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Calculation of Property Taxes

To calculate what your property tax levy will be, you will need to:


  • Know the assessed property value of both the land and house. This amount is not what you paid for the land and home but the assessed value given to your property by the Orange County Appraisal District.


  • Add the values of the land and house together.


  • Know the exemptions that you qualify for. Each taxing unit allows for different exemptions.


  • Find out the levy rates or estimated rates for the year. (See Tax Rate Chart link)


  • Multiply the assessed amount minus the allowed exemptions and multiply it by the entitiy's  tax rate percentage (example: Land and Home value at 100,000 with an exemption of 5,000 with a tax rate of .598291. The calculation would be 100,000 - 5,000 x .598291% = 568.38 being the tax amount due.


  • Continue to calculate each entity separately.


  • Add up all of the entity's taxable amounts. This is the amount of tax levy due for the tax year.






















Tax Rate Chart