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Convenience Fees are charged by Certified Payments and are non-refundable:

ACH (eCheck) - $1.50 each

Credit/Debit Card Fee - 2.5% of

amount charged


Pay by phone - 1-866-549-1010

Use Bureau Code # 1122333

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Sometimes property does not sale at a tax foreclosure “auction” sale.   Section 34.05 of the tax code establishes procedures for a "struck-off" sale to taxing units. The taxing authority can then resale these properties.  The property is put into the “trust” of a taxing jurisdiction and so named “Trust Property.”  The property is then available for purchase through a written bid process.  There are two types of bids, sealed bids and open bids.  Sealed bids start after the date of the tax sale and last for a period of thirty days.  If property does not sale through a sealed bid and the thirty day period has expired, the property becomes available for open bid.  There are no restrictions on how long trust property can be available for open bid.  The resale of Texas Trust Property is governed by the Texas Property Tax Code, section 34.05.

Trust Property