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If you are in doubt about how to file something, please contact our office before submitting it.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  You can reach us at (409) 882-7055 or



Please make sure the attorney’s email address is on all pleadings.



  • E-Filing Integration

Our case management software is not integrated with the E-File Texas system.  If you need to file a document in an existing case, you may receive a message that you are attempting to e-file into a case that has yet to receive an electronic submission.  You will need to click "File into an existing case", select the case category and case type, then enter the parties before proceeding.  This is a one-time process.


  • Filing Multiple Documents

You may file multiple documents in a single submission, but each new document must be a lead document (click "Add Another Filing").  The only documents that should be submitted as attachments should be exhibits to the lead document.


  • Proposed Orders

All proposed orders must be filed as a separate submission so they can be forwarded to the court.  It will be necessary to have a lead document - your proposed order will be filed as an attachment.  You can use a cover letter as your lead document.  If the order is to be signed at a hearing, please reference the hearing date on your cover letter.  Do not submit your proposed orders more than 72 hours before the hearing date.  The envelope containing the proposed order will be forwarded directly to the court for the judge's review and signature.  Once the court has completed processing the envelope, it will be returned to the County Clerk for acceptance.  Upon acceptance, you will receive a receipt with a file marked copy of the order.


  • Pleadings that need a hearing date and time entered

Your Notice of Hearing/Setting (or any type of pleading that requires the judge or court coordinator's signature) will need to be filed as a separate submission.  You will follow the same procedure as submitting proposed orders.


  • Applications that require a posted citation

When you file a new probate case, the initial $10.00 posting fee is included in the filing fee.  If you file any other documents that require a posted citation (i.e. Application to Determine Heirship) you will need to select a posting fee to cover the extra posted citation.  This is under Optional Services and is called "Service - Sheriff - Posting ($10.00)".


  • Probate Hearings

You may continue to bring the Proof of Death, Order Probating Will, Oath and Bond with you to the hearing.  You may also e-file those ahead of time and they will be printed and ready at the time of the hearing.


  • Attorney Ad Litem Fee

If you are filing a Determination of Heirship, Guardianship, or Sale of Property of a Minor/Ward, you will need to select the filing code "Application with Ad Litem ($500)".  Per Administrative Order, the Court requires the payment of attorney ad litem fees up front as a cost of court.


  • Order to Report Authorization of Court-Appointed Fees

Per Administrative Order, County Court at Law requires an Order to Report Authorization of Court-Appointed Fees to be filed along with any order which authorizes the payment of fees to a court-appointed Attorney Ad Litem, Guardian Ad Litem, Guardian, Mediator, or Competency Evaluator.  This applies to all case types.  You can find the Order on the Forms page of our website.


  • Occupational Driver's License

You will need to e-file all paperwork for an Occupational Driver's License, including the Order.  The Order must contain a line for the DA's office to sign.  Do not put the DA's signature line anywhere but on the Order.  Our office will first send the Order to the DA's office for approval.  Once approved, we will then forward it to the Judge for approval.  Once the Judge has approved the Order, we will furnish you with a certified copy.

Mandatory e-filing is now in effect for Civil and Probate cases.  If you are an attorney, you must e-file your Civil and Probate documents.


E-Filing is available for Criminal cases, but is not mandatory at this time.


To get started e-filing, go to


Please refer to the Statewide E-Filing Rules located on the website for the Judicial Committee on Information Technology.