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Can I get a copy of someone’s Will even if I’m not a relative?

Yes. Wills are a part of the Probate records, which are open to the public. You do not need to be a relative nor an interested party to obtain a copy.  Copies are $1.00 per page.  If you need a certified copy, add $5.00 per document to that fee.  You may download and print copies of Probate filings here[Back to Top]

How do I get a copy of a Civil, Probate or Criminal case?

You may come into our office to obtain a copy or mail a request.  Please have as much of the following information as possible when requesting a copy to speed up processing: style of the case, case number and file date. Copies are $1.00 per page. If you need a certified copy, add $5.00 per case to that fee.  You may download and print copies of case filings here[Back to Top]

Can I get a Criminal background check on myself or someone else?

Our office handles Misdemeanor Criminal cases and these files are open to the public.  This means you may obtain a background check on yourself or someone else. There is a $5.00 charge per name searched in our database.  [Back to Top]

I need to reset my hearing or court date, can you do that for me?

No, you need to contact the Court Coordinator in the Judge's office.  [Back to Top]

What is the jurisdiction for filing a Civil suit in your court?

County Court at Law hears Civil cases that are worth $500 through $200,000.  [Back to Top]

Civil, Probate & Criminal

How do I get a copy of a Birth or Death Certificate?

See the Birth Certificate and Death Certificate pages for more information.

You may also visit the Texas Department of State Health Services web site to obtain a death certificate online at this address:  [Back to Top]

Birth Certificates, Death Certificates & Marriage Licenses

When should I renew my brand?
Marks and brands must be renewed every 10 years regardless of when you initially apply for them.  Everyone has to renew at the same time. The next renewal period will begin September 1, 2021. The filing fee for a brand is $26.00.  [Back to Top]

How can I get a copy of my deed?
Please have as much of the following information as possible when requesting a copy to speed up processing: grantee’s name, grantor’s name, file date and physical address (if applicable).  Copies are $1.00 per page.  If you need a certified copy, add $5.00 per document to that fee. To find out the exact cost of the copy, please call or e-mail us. We must have payment in advance in order to make a copy.


You may perform your own search and print your documents online at no charge.  Click here to go to our online search page and choose "Official Public Records" to search for your deed.  [Back to Top]

What are your requirements for recording a document in the Official Public Records of Real Property?

  • Your document must be the original or a certified copy.

  • There must be a title at the top.

  • If it’s a Deed, the grantee’s address must be listed.

  • If it’s a Deed of Trust, the trustee or beneficiary’s address must be listed.

  • The signatures must be original.

  • There must be an original notary acknowledgment.

  • The property must be located in Orange County.

  • We do not require any extra space at the top or bottom for filing info.

  • The fee is $26.00 for the first page and $4.00 for each additional page.  [Back to Top]

General Recording

How do I start a new business? Don't I need a business license from your office?

The only aspect regarding businesses that the County Clerk handles is filing the Assumed Business Name (registering your business name with the County).  The Assumed Business Name Forms can be found on our forms page.  Beyond that, we don't know what else you need to do regarding starting a new business.  The County Clerk does not issue business licenses or permits.  [Back to Top]

Can you tell me who the owner of a piece of property is?

No, the County Clerk's Office does not keep up with ownership of property.  You can contact the Tax Assessor-Collector or the Orange County Appraisal District to find out who the tax payer is.  The Orange County Appraisal District has a website that allows you to search property online.  [Back to Top]

Miscellaneous Questions

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