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What is the fee for recording documents in the Official Public Records?

See Miscellaneous Fees.


I need a copy of my divorce decree.

Divorces are filed with the District Clerk.


I need to pay my taxes.

Taxes are paid in the Tax Assessor-Collector's Office.


Do you have online access to your records?

See the Online Records Search page.


What are your office hours?

See the Contact page.


I need information on obtaining a Marriage License.

See the Marriage Licenses page.


I need a certified copy of a Birth Certificate.

See the Birth Certificates page.


I need a certified copy of a Death Certificate.

See the Death Certificates page.


Can I get information on foreclosures in your area?

See the Posted Notices page.


2018-2019 Final Budget

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2017-2018 Final Budget

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County Holidays for 2019

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Mandatory e-filing is now in effect for Civil, Probate and Criminal cases.


If you are an attorney, you must e-file your Civil, Probate and Criminal documents.


Click here for our E-Filing Business Processes.

2019-2020 Final Budget

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