Filing Fees & Court Fines


Copies, Searches & Forms

General Information

PDF Format


All Searches (per name, per record type)


Will Deposited for Safekeeping


Stevedore Bond


Posting of Public Notice or Meeting


Notice of Trustee's Sale Filed


Hospital Lien Notice or Release Filed


Federal Tax Lien Notice or Release Filed


Brand Registration


Informal Marriage Certificate


Marriage License

($4.00 for each add’l copy)

Certified Copy of Death Record


Certified Copy of Birth Record

$1.00 per page
+ $5.00 for certification

Certified Copy

$1.00 per page


$24.00 (Unincorporated Form)
$24.50 (Incorporated Form)
50¢ for each add’l owner

Assumed Business Name (DBA)

$26.00 for first page
$4.00 for each add’l page

Document filed in the Official Public Records of Real Property

Fees Effective: September 1, 2015

Most fees already have a $10.00 Records Preservation Fee,

$10.00 Records Archive Fee and $1.00 Security Fee added to them.

Miscellaneous Fees