Justice of the Peace

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General Information about the Justice of the Peace Court

The Justice of the Peace Court is a constitutional office whose origins date back to the early days of  Texas statehood.  The voters residing in the precinct elect the Justice of the Peace to four-year terms of office.   The Justice of the Peace presides over criminal cases classified by the Texas Transportation Code and Texas Penal Code as Class C Misdemeanors, misdemeanors punishable by fine only, and misdemeanor offenses punishable by anything other than imprisonment. 

The Justice of the Peace presides over Small Claims and Justice Court suits where the amount in controversy does not exceed $20,000.00.  The court exercises special jurisdiction when hearing cases involving forcible detainer and forcible entry and detailer and when conduction hearings to determine proper ownership of property seized by law enforcement officials.  The Justice of the Peace is a magistrate who reviews probable cause, issues arrest and search warrants, and administers statutory warnings to defendants accused of felony crimes as well as to defendants arrested on warrants issued in other counties.

The Justice of the Peace is a fee officer and collects fines and fees for various civil and criminal cases.  The Justice of  the Peace performs marriage ceremonies and serves as Local Registrar for the Precinct.

Please be advised the law prohibits a judge from communicating with you prior to trial about your pending case or a case that you may file.

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