Campaign Finance Reports

Reports will be posted to this site as they are filed with the Orange County Election Administrator’s Office. For more information on Campaign Finance Reports visit the Texas Ethics Commission website. Reports are listed below in alphabetical order by last name. Click on the candidate name to navigate to the record of your choice.

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Cheryl L. Warren  
Brandy Robertson
Dan B. Frye 
David C. Bailey  
Harold W. Hass
Jeremiah W. Gunter
Jimmy Lane Mooney 
John Gothia
Johnny Trahan
Joseph "Joey" Jacobs 
Kirk F. Roccaforte
Lannie L. Claybar 
Leo Clent LaBauve III
Matthew D. Ortego
Michael S. Marion 
Miguel "Mike" Sanchez 
Nancy "Krispen" Walker 
Octavia J Guzman 
Robert "Bobby" Smith
Rodney A. Townsend Jr
Ronald C. Dischler
Stephen Brint Carlton

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