Food Service

We require that all Food Establishments in Orange County obtain a current Food Service Permit. We service the following areas:

City of Orange
City of Pinehurst
City of West Orange
City of Bridge City
City of Vidor 2006
City of Rose City
City of Pine Forest
All unincorporated areas


We inspect all Food Service Establishments which include: Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores and Deli, Roadside Vendors, Daycares, Snow Cone Stands, Meat/Fish Markets, Schools and local Soup Kitchens to ensure compliance with state and local health laws and regulations. These establishments are inspected a minimum of one{1} time per year.

Food Complaints

If you have had a bad experience with a particular establishment, please contact us so that we may investigate the complaint further. Please have important details about your experience including establishment name, time, foods that were ordered and what issues are needing to be addressed. Call our office to submit a complaint.

Cottage Food Law

Texas Cottage Food Law allows the sale of certain foods that are prepared in residential homes. This type of business is not regulated by a local or state health department unless there is concern for public's health. If you are looking a starting a Cottage Food business please see this FAQ sheet before you get started.

Cottage Food Law FAQ

Please click the links below for further information regarding specific topics.

New Food Establishment Information Packet Food Service Permit Application
2015 Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER) Hand washing Poster (English/Spanish)
Food Storage Chart Service Animals in a Retail Food Establishment
BBQ Pits Food Employee Reporting Sign
Service Sink or Curbed Cleaning Facility Proper Thawing of Foods
Safe Food Temperatures Poster (English/Spanish) Selling Honey in Texas
3 Compartment Sinks Mobile Shrimp Vendor Information
Temperature Holding Logs Selling Yard Eggs at Farmers Market
Orange County Food Safety Tips Temporary Food Rules

Emergency Management Documents

Boil Water Notice Information
Reopening a Retail Food Establishment After an Emergency

General Information
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Deputy Director
James Scales
Office Manager
Michele Johnson
Inspector Environmental and On-Site Septic Systems
Tammie Marcantel
Flood plain Administrator Building/Development Permits
Lisa Roberts
Phone Numbers
(409) 745-1463
Emergencies: Dial 911
11475 FM 1442

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