On-Site Septic Systems

Orange County On-Site Sewage Facilities ORDER

All new On-Site Sewer Facility (OSSF) systems must be permitted through Environmental Health and Code Compliance Department before installation begins. The first step in acquiring a permit for a new septic system is to contact a septic installer that is licensed with the State of Texas. They will be able to assist you in getting the required paperwork to submit for a permit.

Permit Application                     Individual Sewage System Acceptance Form

Affidavit Residential                  Affidavit Pump and Haul

Affidavit Two Tracks                  Affidavit Commercial

  • Site plan, site evaluation, and soil analysis results from a Professional Engineer or Sanitarian showing a facility can be installed on the property which meets the requirements of the Texas National Resources Conservation Commission’s “Construction Standards”.
  • Legal description of the property, which included name of the subdivision, street name, unit number, lot number, or abstract and tract numbers.
  • Map and/or directions to property.
  • Type of development such as residential or commercial. If residential, give number of bedrooms and square feet of living area.
  • Signed two year maintenance contract.
  • An Affidavit to the Public that has been filled out, signed, and recorded at the County Clerks Office.

A final inspection of the facility is required. At the time of inspection, the installer should have:

  1. Tanks in place
  2. Drain field constructed
  3. Spray field constructed
  4. Pipe and gravel connected and grouted
  5. Houseline connected to tank
  6. An instrument set up
  7. Suitable backfill material on site (if required)

After the final inspection and approval of the facility has passed inspection, the owner of the property will be issued a permit to operate.

Can I install my own septic system?

Yes. However, there may be some systems that you, the property owner, can't buy because they must be installed by a factory representative.

If you compensate any person during any phase of the OSSF installation (e.g., hire someone to do backhoe work or trenching), the individual performing the work must be a licensed installer of the correct level, except:

  • A licensed electrician, or
  • A person who delivers a treatment or pump tank to a site

Should I pump my septic tank?

It is recommended that you pump your septic tank every three to five years to prevent short-circuiting of the treatment process.

Where can I view the statute that created the OSSF program?

Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 366

Where can I view the OSSF rules?

Title 30, Texas Administrative Code Chapter 285

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