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Partial Payments, Quarter Payments, Escrow Contracts, and Installment Agreements

Partial Payments

Partial payments are accepted.  However, any remaining amount left unpaid will accrue penalty and interest.  Current taxes will begin to accrue penalty and interest on February 1.  Delinquent taxes accrue penalty and interest monthly.  Attorney fees attach to amount remaining due on April 1 for personal property and July 1 for real property.

Quarter Payments for Age 65 or older, Disabled Person, or Disabled Veteran Exemption

Taxpayers with an Age 65 or older, Disabled Person Exemption, or Disabled Veteran Exemption or their surviving spouse  may pay current taxes on their residence homestead in four equal installments without penalty or interest.  In order to be eligible, installments are required to be set up before March 1. Taxpayer MUST request the quarter payments in writing each year and MUST pay at least:

  • 1/4 before March 1st
  • 1/4 before April 1st
  • 1/4 before June 1st
  • 1/4 before August 1st

If an installment is missed, a 6% penalty is imposed and interest begins to accrue.

Escrow Contracts

An escrow contract is a payment option which allow taxpayers to deposit money for taxes before the taxes become due.  An estimated tax is projected by using the previous year's tax base.  Escrow Contracts are governed by PTC Sec. 31.072.

Requirements for setting up an escrow contract:

  • Property owner must enter into a contract
  • The contract may not be made before October 1 of the preceding tax year for which the account is established.  Example:  If a taxpayer wishes to establish an escrow contract for the 2014 tax year, the collector can not enter into the contract prior to October 1, 2013.
  • Under the terms of the contract, the taxpayer must make monthly deposits.  Once the tax bills are prepared, the money that has been deposited will be applied to the tax bill.  If the amount of money deposited does not pay the tax bill in full, the taxpayer will be sent a bill for the remaining balance.
  • Only accounts in excess of $50 or more are eligible for setting up an escrow contract. 

Installment Agreements

The tax office offers Installment Agreement plans that allow eligible taxpayers to make equal monthly payments on accounts with delinquent taxes.  Before signing an installment agreement, you should know that the law considers your signature an irrevocable admission that you owe all the taxes covered by the agreement. 

Installment Agreements are governed by PTC Sec. 33.02.  There  are two type of installment agreements available:  Residence Homestead and Non-Residence Homestead.  

Residence Homestead Installment Agreement:

  • Agreement is mandatory if the applicant meets the requirements of eligibility.
    • The applicant cannot have had an agreement (defaulted, paid out or existing) on   ANY   property within the   last 24 months.
    • The property subject to the agreement is the applicants residence homestead and they have no other homestead in this or any other county in Texas.

Non-Residence Homestead Installment Agreements:

  • Agreement is not mandatory; it is at the discretion of Tax Collector.

For installment agreement terms see appropriate link below. 

 **Agreements provided for term use only, not for official use.  To establish an installment agreement, contact the tax office for down payment, first payment, monthly payment, and agreement length information.

Residence Homestead Installment Agreement **

Non-Resident Homestead Installment Agreement**

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