Civil Fees

Fees Effective: September 1, 2017

All papers filed in Civil matters must be 8 1/2” x 11”.

New Case $227.00
Personal Service Served by Sheriff's Office $75.00
Personal Service Served by Certified Mail $75.00
Personal Service Issued & Returned to Attorney for Service No Charge 
Occupational / Essential Need Driver’s License
(Includes 2 certified copies of papers filed including Order signed by Judge.)
Contest / Adverse Action / Counter Claim $80.00
Filing an Ordered Response or Answer No Charge
Jury Fee $40.00
Civil Search (per name) $5.00
Subpoena served by Sheriff’s Office
(A letter requesting Subpoena is needed with the name and address of witness to be served, date and time of hearing and whom witness is appearing on behalf.)
Abstract of Judgment
(Clerk must be provided with Plaintiff’s address.)
Writ of Execution
+ Sheriff’s Office service on Writ

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