Miscellaneous Fees

Fees Effective: September 1, 2015
 Most fees already have a $10.00 Records Preservation Fee,

$10.00 Records Archive Fee and $1.00 Security Fee added to them.

All Searches (per name, per record type)-$5.00

Will Deposited for Safekeeping-$26.00

Stevedore Bond-$29.00 

Posting of Public Notice or Meeting-$8.00

Notice of Trustee's Sale Filed-$8.00

Hospital Lien Notice or Release Filed-$26.00 

Federal Tax Lien Notice or Release Filed- $31.00

Brand Registration-$26.00

Informal Marriage Certificate-$47.00

Marriage License-$82.00

Certified Copy of Death Record- $21.00 ($4.00 for each add’l copy)

Certified Copy of Birth Record-$23.00 

Certified Copy-$1.00 per page + $5.00 for certification

Copy-$1.00 per page

Assumed Business Name (DBA)-$24.00 (Unincorporated Form) $24.50 (Incorporated Form) 50¢ for each add’l owner

Document filed in the Official Public Records of Real Property-$26.00 for first page $4.00 for each add’l page

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