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We have many records available to search and view online.  Click here to access online records.

Our records are open to the public and we do not restrict public access to them except in the case of special records that are closed to the public by law.  If you would like to do a search yourself, you may use our online access or come into our office and use the public computers and index books.

If you want us to conduct a search for you, there is a $5.00 per name charge on all searches.  We do not conduct searches over the phone or by e-mail.  The proper way to request a search would be to mail a request along with payment.  We accept checks, money orders and credit cards via mail. Please have as much information as possible on the record you are looking for when requesting a search. Helpful information would be:

Civil Cases

  • Plaintiff and Defendant's names
  • File date

 Misdemeanor Criminal Cases

  • Defendant's name
  • Offense
  • Offense date

Official  Public Records of Real Property 

  • Grantor and Grantee's names
  • Date property was purchased
  • File date
  • Physical address of property

Probate Cases

  • Deceased's name
  • Date of death

You may visit the Texas Department of State Health Services web site to obtain birth, death, and verification of marriage online at this address:

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