Probate Fees

Fees Effective: January 1, 2022
All papers filed in Probate matters must be 8 1/2” x 11” with the exception of wills.

New Probate Case$360.00
New Small Estate Case$360.00

New Guardianship Case
+ Attorney Ad Litem Fee

Attorney Ad Litem Fee
(for Determination of Heirship, Guardianship, Sale of Property of a Minor or Ward without Guardianship)


Personal Service Served by Sheriff's Office$80.00
Personal Service Served by Certified Mail$80.00
General Citation to be Posted
+ Sheriff's Dept fee for posting
Personal Service Issued & Returned to Attorney for Service


Probate Search (per name)$5.00

Inventory, Appraisement & List of Claims

The fee for filing an Inventory is only assessed after the 90th day after the date the personal representative has qualified to serve or, if the Court grants an extension, after the date of the extended deadline specified by the Court.  (LGC 118.056)


Any space requiring the Judge's signature$2.00
Bond Approval by Judge $5.00
Contest / Adverse Action / Counter Claim$120.00
Filing an Ordered Response or AnswerNo Charge
Claim Against an Estate$10.00
Letters Testamentary, Administration or Guardianship$2.00
Issue Subpoena $8.00
Subpoena served by Sheriff’s Office
(A letter requesting Subpoena is needed with the name and address of witness to be served, date and time of hearing and whom the witness is appearing on behalf.)

Fees for filing the below documents are only assessed after the filing of an order

approving the inventory or after the 120th day after the date of the initial filing,

whichever occurs first.  (LGC 118.056)

** Annual or Final Account$25.00
+ General Citation to be posted if it’s a Final Account$8.00
++ Sheriff's Dept fee for posting$80.00

** Annual or Final Report of Guardian 


** Application for Sale of Real or Personal Property$25.00
+ General Citation to be posted$8.00
+ Sheriff's Dept fee for posting $80.00
Any document containing more than 25 pages$25.00

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